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Principal's Message

Posted on: August 21, 2017
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Principal's Message

Dear Weigel Families,

     Welcome back to another school year. With this being our last year in this building, we have plans to make it the greatest one yet! Project Based Learning and technology integration will be a big focus in the classrooms this year. As always, student attendance is vital to academic success. We will be implementing a variety of strategies to increase your child’s desire to be at school including addressing ways to increase student engagement, being proactive with the issue of bullying, and offering new after-school clubs based upon their interests.

     There are a few new faces here at Weigel that will help us with our mission. Please join me in welcoming:

                  Claudia Farmer-Dean of Students                                         Brenda Dawson- Educational Assistant

                  Sarah Mills- 5th grade Math & Science                                  Dawn Langdon- Educational Assistant

                  Sarah Murdico- 5th grade Math & Science                              Anna James- Title Assistant

                  Kristen Knapp- 5th grade ELA & Social Studies                       Kristin Sharp- School Psychologist

                  Victoria Goff- Intervention Specialist                                   Kyra Hunter- Occupational Therapist

                  Jill Knapp- Gifted                                                               Kevin Lyons- Custodian

                  Lakesha Walker- ALP Assistant                                            Andy McGuire- Custodian



     As you can see, it has been a busy summer! I have a great staff ready to work with your child but it will not be nearly enough if you are not part of the team. I know our lives are busy but getting involved in your child’s education is the best use of time. I encourage you to be proactive and reach out to us if you have questions or concerns. We are all here for one reason and that is to make your child confident and successful both academically and socially.


     There are a few important changes this year that you need to be aware of:


*House Bill 410 addresses student attendance and has requirements in place for students missing more than 6 days of school (excused or unexcused). This ranges from a letter being sent home to an assigned day in diversionary court. Please make attendance a priority.


*We will no longer be having a student of the week. Instead, a student of the month will be chosen based upon the character trait that we are focusing on. This will not just be decided by the teacher but students will nominate classmates. This will encourage them to look for positive traits in their classmates.


*The elementary grading scale has changed. Grades will be assigned as follows:

                 90-100= A             80-89=B                 70-79=C                 60-69= D                below 60=F

Another important point to know is that we no longer have the policy in place that a student cannot earn less than a 50%. If your child does not complete an assignment, they will receive a 0%.



I am excited about the upcoming year and hope that you are as well. Northwest Local School has a great vision for your child’s education and I hope that it is one that you will be a part of. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. I can be reached via email at lriehle@nwlsd.org or phone at 923-4040 ext. 4704.


Here’s to the best year yet!



Lori Riehle