Welch Elementary School

Mission Statement

We champion life-long learning, affording all students the knowledge and skills necessary to realize their full potential in life.

About Welch Elementary School

Welch Elementary School currently serves approximately 450 students in grades Kindergarten through third grade.  In 2016-2017 we have 4 half day Kindergarten classes, 5 first grade classes, 6 second grade classes, and 6 third grade classes.  Welch also offers supports for students identified with learning disabilities, multiple handicaps, and emotional disturbances.

 Student Make-Up

39% African American

39% Caucasian

13% Multi-racial

6% Hispanic

3% Asian

Welch is a school-wide Title I school.  We provided additional reading instruction to students falling in the bottom 20% of their grade level in the area of reading.  These small groups are made up of no more than 7 students and meet four days a week for 40 minutes. 

 Family events include grade level music performances, Fall Festival Night, Polar Express, Sweets With Someone Special, and a Night of Art. We welcome families to join us during the day to support the classroom teachers with the Harvest Party and/or the Valentine’s Day party.  A well-attended and exciting event for parents is volunteering for Field Day.