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Transportation update 9/27/18

Posted on: September 28, 2018

Transportation update 9/27/18:

The transportation department, Chris McKee (Business Director), and myself have worked very hard since our last board meeting to make corrections that have been brought to our attention via emails, phone calls, and personal visits to AO.  Our number one priority is to make sure we are meeting the needs of our customers, as customer service is our number one priority. Since our last board meeting and the beginning of the year we have made the following changes:

  • We will add additional trained employees on Versatran, our routing software program, that can receive phone calls and actually make changes in routes and bus stops next year, starting August 1.

  • Our phone system will now put folks on hold and let them know what turn they are in line.  A special ring will notify our assistant supervisors and supervisors that schools are calling with issues.   

  • Bus passes will go out the first week of August.

  • Drivers will drive routes earlier so they can look at where bus stops are situated, look for roads and routes that do not make sense, and report back to our supervisors.  

  • Since the board meeting we have made several changes to bus stops, bus routes, and looked to improve drop-off time for students in the afternoon.  We have driven the routes in our cars to see what changes can occur.

  • I also met with St. I administration and secretary, and we have a weekly sheet that monitors bus time arrival in the morning and afternoon as we try to do a better job of getting buses to the school earlier.

  • We have added additional buses to routes to help decrease the amount of students on buses.  

  • We have allowed buses to back up and turn in cul-de-sacs as needed.  

  • Buses can have layover time at different places if it makes more sense than driving back to the garage.

  • Chris McKee (Business Director), Dan Bolden (Transportation Supervisor), and myself met with drivers to get all concerns on the table.  

  • I am currently attending PTA meetings and addressing additional issues that arise.  

  • We have several emails and phone calls thanking us for the changes and telling us what a great job our drivers are doing.  

  • We still have some changes to make and will continue this process.  

All schools work internally to make decisions with drop-off and pick-up as it is a building decision on what works best for them.  We do realize that not every decision will please everyone, but through collaboration we can make changes as needed.  Questions or suggestions about car riders drop-off and pick-up should be addressed to the building principal.

We are also monitoring traffic during drop-off and pick-up times to make sure we are as efficient as possible.  All three of our new elementary buildings have one way in and out for access. Now that routines have been established there is a clean system for drop-off and pick-up.  


We continue to have buses at Struble use CMHA property for exit each morning and afternoon.  We continue to monitor car traffic at Struble and will continue to study different options for an additional exit for cars.  We have looked at a rear exit but there would be too much change in the draining and current ditch according to the Army Corp of Engineers.  If property would come for sale we could look at purchase possibilities to gain access to an exit.  The district is moving as fast as the county will allow us in adding turning lanes at Banning and Memory for enter and exit ways from both streets.  

Todd Bowling


Northwest Local School District