White Oak Middle School



What if my child forgot his/her lunch or lunch money?
Lunches and lunch money will be delivered to your child during their lunch time in the cafeteria. If your child forgot his/her lunch, just drop it off with your child's name and team, and the lunch supervisor will deliver it during lunch. Thank your for your consideration in this matter.

How do I find my child's grade?
Access your student's grades onwww.progressbook.com.
1. Click on the LOGIN link

How do I find Athletic Information/Schedules?
The athletic information for our school can be located on www.highschoolsports.net. Students must have:

  1. A physical within the last calendar year
  2. Parent's consent for completed
  3. Emergency Medical Authorization completed
  4. Passed out 75% of his/her subject during the previous quarter of school.