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Community and Student Services

Student Services

Dustin Gehring - Assistant Director of Student Services
Phone: 513.923.1000 ext. 3907
Email: Dgehring@nwlsd.org

Shannon Cormican - Office Personnel 
Phone: 513.923.1000 ext. 3912
Email: scormican@nwlsd.org

Dean Doerflein - Police Truancy Officer
Welcome to the Northwest Local School District Community and Student Services Department. A primary responsibility of this office is to keep the lines of communication open between the school district and the local community. We are able to accomplish that in a number of ways: 
  • Publication of district newsletters.
  • Our web site - www.nwlsd.org is current with district and individual school news and points of interest.
  • Parent/Community email communiqués from the schools on a daily or weekly basis. Please visit our website and click on “Join the E News” List to receive these email announcements.
  • Our 13 schools send home monthly, weekly and sometimes daily newsletters to parents and guardians.
  • The district calendar is designed and printed through this office.
  • Facility rentals and flyer distributions approval.
  • Our bimonthly Board of Education meetings are open to the public, and are televised on public access television. We welcome all to our board meetings, and have instituted a time during each meeting for the community to speak about the issues before the board.

This department is also responsible for communication and public relations with the media in sharing the good news and events surrounding the Northwest Local School District; however, we do not control the resulting articles and broadcasts. The Board of Education and district leadership team welcome your questions and commentary via the internet, phone and mail.

The Department of Community and Student Services also works directly with the 13 school PTA Presidents, meeting monthly to discuss issues of interest and of need. Our department recruits school business partners and develops a working relationship with each partner. We are a part of several local business and civic associations, connecting us with the businessmen and women in the area. It is also our charge to connect with the private and parochial schools to work in tandem with one another in educating the youth of our community. Our mission is to communicate effectively and objectively while spreading the good news about the great things that are happening within the Northwest Local School District.

This department also heads the District Crisis Team. We meet with representatives from Colerain, Green and Springfield Twp. Police and Fire Depts., the Sheriff’s Office, local businesses, the private schools and representatives from all of our schools and departments to share information regarding any safety or health crisis in the area.

Our department handles student discipline. We are responsible for Suspension and Expulsion Appeals and Expulsion hearings. The necessary forms for making an appeal can be found on our website.

Please feel free to contact the Asst. Dir. of Community and Student Services with any questions or concerns.

Student Services covers attendance, enrollment, health and wellness, parent mentor, bullying, student discipline, uniform vouchers and fees.

For Enrollment, Residency and Attendance issues, contact Mr. Matt Piening at the District Enrollment Office.   513-522-6700 ext. 4911

For Health and Wellness, contact Mrs. Keva Brice.   513-923-1000 ext. 3926

Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation, contact Dustin Gehring.  513-923-1000 ext. 3907

Discipline/Suspension/Expulsions, contact Dustin Gehring  513-923-1000 ext. 3907

For all other issues/questions, contact Dustin Gehring 513-923-1000 ext. 3907

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