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Matt Fischer - Technology Supervisor
Dorcey Putzke - Support Specialist
Troy Godbold - Technician 
Bill Hawkins - Technician
Don Land - Technician
Eric Lorta - Technician
Debi Toerner - Technician
Jim Simpson - Technician
Nick Feeney - Technician
Joseph Van Horn - Technician 

How to Submit a Technology Support Ticket

Technology support requests for staff are managed electronically through an online system.
There are two (2) ways to submit a ticket request.

1. Login to https://nwlsd.freshservice.com by signing in with your district Google account. Complete the online form and submit!


2. Send an email to technology@nwlsd.org. A new ticket will be generated automatically based on the information you provided in the email.

When submitting via email it's very important that you provide detailed information.  Please include in your description:
  • Building of the Incident
  • Room or Location
  • Detailed explanation of the problem.

Failure to provide detailed information may result in delayed service.