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Curriculum & Instruction
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We're going beyond to ensure that all of our students thrive: in life, in school, and in the classroom. Our goal is to empower students to achieve success and exceed their ambitious expectations.  #GoBeyond

Strategic Objectives: 
  *Create a learning experience that is rigorous and engaging for all students.

   *Raise academic achievement across State and District measures of success through a relentless focus on literacy (reading, writing, listening, speaking, thinking and viewing) across all subject areas. 

  *Facilitate student ownership of learning through personalized and differentiated instruction 



Dr. Stephanie Kessling  
Director of Curriculum and Instruction 
Brenda Miller
Director of Instructional Accountability
Curriculum 6-12 
Leslie Silbernagel
Supervisor of Innovation and Technology
Zach Phelps
District Testing Coordinator
Data Systems Manager
Andy Phelps
Innovation and Technology Coach
Rachel Barnes
Literacy Coach
Sarah McMullen
Literacy Coach
 EMIS Coordinator
Ashleigh Thomas
EMIS Office Professional
Jo Ann Brausch
Curriculum Office Professional 
Michele Kluener
Curriculum Office Professional 
Valerie Anderson
Federal Programs Office Professional