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Curriculum & Instruction
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We're going beyond to ensure that all of our students thrive: in life, in school, and in the classroom. Our goal is to empower students to achieve success and exceed their ambitious expectations.  #GoBeyond

Strategic Objectives: 
  *Create a learning experience that is rigorous and engaging for all students.

   *Raise academic achievement across State and District measures of success through a relentless focus on literacy (reading, writing, listening, speaking, thinking and viewing) across all subject areas. 

  *Facilitate student ownership of learning through personalized and differentiated instruction 



Brenda Miller
Director of Curriculum
 Lori Riehle
Assistant Director of Curriculum, 
Preschool & Elementary
Andy Phelps
Curriculum Supervisor, 
Middle School 
Zach Phelps
District Data Coach, 
District Testing Coordinator
 Sarah McMullen
District Literacy Coach 6-12 
Rachel Barnes
District Literacy Coach PreK-5
Katie Bordicks
District Assessment Coach
Jo Ann Brausch
Curriculum Office Professional 
Michele Kluener
Curriculum Office Professional