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Health Services

Health Services

All of the Northwest Local School District Schools have a Health Office that is staffed by a full time Registered Nurse (RN), a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Health Assistant. The Health Office is open during the school day to support the students and staff.  We believe a healthy student is better able to participate, pay attention in class and succeed in their learning. 

The Nurse/Health Assistant is responsible for:
Ensuring proper immunization of all students in accordance with Ohio law.

Performing hearing, vision and postural (scoliosis) screening as required and recommended by the Ohio Department of Health.

Providing acute and emergency care of illness and injury during the school day, decreasing communicable diseases by excluding students from school with signs of disease or illness that can be spread.

Developing individual health plans and emergency action plans in collaboration with parents and the student’s health care providers  for students with chronic and some acute health conditions such as asthma, seizure disorders, diabetes, migraine headaches and allergies.

Administering medications and treatments.

Training appropriate designated school personnel in the proper administration of medication and treatment.

Providing resources for families, teachers and staff in the area of health and health concerns.

The Emergency Medical Authorization (EMA) is a critical form that is used by the Administrators and Health Office to contact parents. Please complete the EMA update through registration gateway click here to be taken to update site in the first few days of each school year. If phone numbers change, it is important that you notify the school to ensure you can be reached when necessary for the student. 

In order to best care for students during the school day, the Nurse/Health Assistant must be aware of the health concerns that exist. Parents are asked to complete a Health History Update at the time of enrollment and each year as information is updated in registration gateway click here to be taken to update site. 

In addition you may also contact the health office at your child's school directly with any changes that occur in his/her health over the summer or during the school year. Communication is the key to making sure the student health needs are met during the school day.


Keva Brice, RN - District Nurse

Immunization Summary

Immunization Requirements
The Nurse/Health Assistant reviews the immunization record provided by the parent or previous school to ensure the proper immunization of all students in accordance with Ohio law. If it is determined that the student needs additional immunizations, it is expected that immunizations are obtained immediately upon notification from the Health Office. If the student is found to be out of compliance with Ohio law, the student will be excluded after 14 days into the school year per Ohio law.

Immunization requirements for school may change annually.

2018-2019 Ohio Immunization Requirements