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Request for Proposal (RFP) Banking Services
The District is soliciting proposals for high quality depository and banking Services. Please click on the link below for the proposal requirements.

All proposals are due no later than 1pm March 29, 2019.

RFP Banking Services - July 2019 - June 2024
The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the District, responsible directly to the Board of Education. The CFO/Treasurer is responsible for overseeing the entire financial operations of the organization, the accuracy, and timeliness of all state and federal reporting, the development of the annual district operating budget and the Five-Year Forecast. The CFO is an active participant on the senior leadership team providing leadership for the district in areas including finance, strategic planning, program development, and is a resource for the business and human resources departments.  Ms. Amy M. Wells was appointed CFO/Treasurer of the Northwest Local School District in January 2015.  Prior to coming to Northwest, she was the Treasurer/CFO for Bethel-Tate Local School District from 2004-2014.  Additionally, she was an auditor for the Auditor of State of Ohio from 1996-1999 and an Audit manager for the Auditor of State of Ohio from 1999-2003.  Ms. Wells has a B.B.A. in Accounting and Management from the University of Cincinnati and is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Business Manager.

To the Northwest Local Schools’ Community and Guests: It is my privilege to serve this district and community as your CFO/Treasurer of the Northwest Local Schools. I am part of a team of dedicated professionals that are committed to the education and development of our school children. I will work closely with the Board of Education, Superintendent, and Administration to ensure the financial health of this district. I feel my role is critical by interpreting our educational goals into financial initiatives.  If you want to understand more about your district's finances or have any questions, I am here to assist you.  Please do not hesitate to contact me.

As the chief fiscal officer of the Northwest Board of Education, it is my responsibility to oversee the annual appropriations, payroll, fixed assets, purchasing, financial reporting, investing, deposits, and all other fiscal duties. To accomplish my tasks I have a team of devoted employees that assist in the day-to-day financial operations of the district. In an effort to improve communications with our tax paying community, we will be posting and updating financial information on this website to help you understand the financial functions of our school district. It is our commitment to provide meaningful data that is accurate and easy to understand. Please feel free to contact myself or any member of my team with questions, comments or suggestions that you have. I look forward to serving you and our school children. 

Ohio Online Checkbook

For questions/comments/concerns regarding Ohio Online Checkbook, please click HERE. 

Amy Wells - CFO/Treasurer
Kris Lankford - Assistant Treasurer
Elizabeth Whitt - Accounting Supervisor
Jenny Campbell - Payroll Supervisor
Lindsey Hausbeck - Benefits Coordinator
Denise Rieger - Payroll Specialist
Sue Cunningham - AR/Compliance Specialist
Jamie Parker - AR/Student Activities Specialist
Amber Taylor - AP/Fixed Assets & Inventory Specialist
Carrie Foster - AP/Compliance Specialist