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Mission, Vision & Beliefs

 Our Mission

Northwest Local School District's mission is to create a responsive learning community where all students are valued, challenged and guided along a pathway to success.


Our Vision

Teaching and learning in the Northwest Local Schools will:

  • Provide learning experiences that empower students to contribute to a future not yet imagined
  • Inspire learners to adapt, be resilient, collaborate and problem solve
  • Create a supportive social-emotional culture
  • Provide a foundation to cultivate healthy relationships


Our Beliefs 

  • We believe students and staff excel best when they feel welcome in the building, safe in their classrooms and trustful of each other

  • We believe all students and staff can learn and deserve opportunities to show and achieve success

  • We believe valuing diversity and working to understand one another is vital and important

  • We believe a high priority should be placed on providing holistic support to ensure success for all

  • We believe building and maintaining collaborative relationships with community members is foundational to teaching and learning in NWLSD