NWLSD is Offering Drive-Thru Meals to Students on April 2, 2020.


NWLSD is proud to offer our families the opportunity to pick up a weeks’ worth of drive-thru meals for their students on Thursday, April 2nd from 11am-1pm from the following schools: Pleasant Run Elementary, Taylor Elementary, & Struble Elementary. This is open to all children age 18 and under who reside within the district area, even non-NWLSD students.

Because your health & the health of our employees is of utmost importance, we respectfully request that you remain in your vehicle during meal pickup. 


Meals will range from pre-packaged breakfast & lunch kits to granola bars, cereal, pop tarts, deli sandwiches, subs etc. All meals will include milk & fruit, fruit juice and/or a vegetable.

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Navigating the waters of parenting and special education services is challenging – so many terms to learn; what are parent and student rights, who is responsible for what, what are the options and how or where can my child get help to be successful in school and in life?  It is easy to feel directionless and after seasons of smooth sailing, what happens when you come up against rough winds that seem to knock you off course?

If you find yourself and your special needs child in a boat that feels like it is either sinking or lost, maybe you need a mentor – a guide – to come alongside you. The school’s purpose is to develop a system of educational services for all students with disabilities to ensure a meaningful and appropriate education: your purpose is helping your child land safely at his destination of a fulfilling life.  Getting through school is the first leg of the journey.  The Parent Mentor is here to help with guidance, provide a variety of information, supports and resources, attend IEP and other meetings, and build collaborative partnerships to benefit students with disabilities – ALL FREE!

Please read the newsletter by following the link and look for the Parent Mentor brochure in your school building.  Please use my contact information if you need my help or have any questions.  I’m happy to share the journey with you!

Never give up!
Contact Information
Vicky Coleman
Parent Mentor
Email: [email protected]
Desk: 513.522.6700 x 4905
Cell: 513.205.8773
Houston Educational Service Center, Room 178
3308 Compton Road
Cincinnati, OH 45251
The Northwest Local Schools Forum - "ProtectOurKids: The Sandy HookPromise."
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