Colerain Elementary School News

Solar Eclipse

Posted on: August 17, 2017

Dear Colerain Parents/Guardians,

Next Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America will experience an eclipse of the
sun. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon blocks any part of the sun. This is the first
time since 1918 that a solar eclipse will be visible on a path across the United States.

The eclipse will occur in our area beginning around 1:00pm and ending around 4:00pm;
about 91% of the sun will be covered at 2:28pm. Safety during the eclipse is our top
priority at Colerain Elementary. Because of these safety concerns, the following
measures will be taken to protect students:

  • PE classes during the eclipse will be held indoors.
  • Recess during the eclipse will be held indoors.
  • Classroom teachers will be permitted to show the eclipse on their Eno Boards in
    their classrooms using the NASA website at This
    will allow students to view the eclipse on a device rather than looking directly at
    the eclipse.

Because the conclusion of the eclipse takes place during dismissal time, parents should
take precautions to protect students on their way home from school and upon their
arrival at home. The school will NOT be providing glasses for students. Therefore,
parents/guardians should work with their children to have a safety plan (the plan can be
as simple as DO NOT look up at sun/moon, just look where you’re walking).

More information about the eclipse can be found on NASA’s website at

A solar eclipse is a memory to last a lifetime! Taking these precautionary measures and
following these important guidelines, we will ensure an enjoyable and safe experience
for our students. Please call or email me if you have any questions.


Collin Climer, Principal
Colerain Elementary