Colerain Elementary School

2017-2018 PTA

Executive Board

President:   Cendi and Brian Kegley
1st Vice President:   Ericka Betts
2nd Vice President:   Shirley Cormican
2nd Vice President:   Jodi Sparks
Treasurer:    Tammi Burr
Treasurer, Administrative Assistant:    Jo Dossenback
Secretary:    Ruth Graber
Delegate to Council    Teresa Sierra
Alternate Delegate to Council:    Lisa Williamson
Principal:    Collin Climer
Assistant Principal:    Karen Helmes

Standing Committees

Membership     Teresa Sierra
Box-Tops   Ruth Graber
Building Beautification   Jodi Sparks
Chronicle   Deana Maynus
Kroger Rewards   Jenny Spitzley
Library Workers   Michelle Easton
Lunch Room Helpers   Shirley Cormican
Room Representatives   Nicole Taulbee
Staff Appreciation   Ruth Graber

Special Committees

Skating Parties & Spiritwear     Angie Ledbetter
Reflections   Nikki Williams
Fall Fest   Missy Craig
Santa Breakfast/Workshop   Jenny Bierbaum
Talent Show   Jaclyn Woodson,Judy Staudigel
Carnival   Fide Gehner, Shirley Cormican, Jodi Sparks
Plant Sale   Shirley Cormican
5th Grade Awards/Luncheon   TBA
Book Club   Karen Brockhuis
Chess Club   Scott Dietsch
Math Club   Amy Smith
Runners Club   Ashley Owens

Join our PTA Teams above, and feel free to attend our Board/Association meetings and ask any questions!