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Holiday Assistance 2018

Posted on: October 12, 2018

Information Regarding Holiday Assistance 2018

Update... the site will now close on 10/21.  See email that was sent or contact for more information.

Once again, our district is teaming with a number of faith-based agencies to provide holiday assistance to our families in need.  This year, we will use an electronic form to gather information from families who request assistance. If you are not able to use the electronic format, please stop by you student's school to fill out and submit a hard copy.

If you are in need of holiday assistance, please complete the form:   The link will also be posted to our website in the news section on the district page.  Please be as accurate and specific as possible.

Please note that capacity and need may require families to be referred to other agencies for assistance, due to limited availability.  This program is a needs based program not necessarily decided by order of form completion.


You will receive an email (to the provided email address)  on November 11th or 12th stating that your request has been approved or if you will need to seek assistance through another process due to capacity being reached.  

All requests for holiday assistance (both Thanksgiving and Christmas) are due by NOVEMBER 10, 2018.  This is a firm date.

All information remains confidential within the organizations that are providing service and the school.

Please do not contact the school regarding this process, if you have questions, please contact Dustin Gehring @ or 513-923-1000 ext. 3907.