Curriculum & Instruction

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Our mission is to drive achievement upward for all students and staff in the Northwest Local School District. We are committed to providing a responsive learning community where all students are valued, challenged, and guided along a pathway to success. In the Northwest Local School District we offer a curriculum that is academically rich, student-centered, and diverse.

Our shared core beliefs are as follows: 

  • We believe that it is our responsibility to respond to each student to ensure learning and growth.
  • We believe that students and staff thrive in an environment that is trusting, safe, and provides hope on a daily basis.
  • We believe that collaborative relationships and high expectations are paramount to our success.
  • We believe that community engagement is essential for the success of our school district.

Academically stimulating curriculum inspires students to realize their full potential. Bringing together standards-based educational objectives, rich and relevant content, best instructional practices, and authentic evaluative techniques for all subjects covered in every grade level provides a curriculum that promotes high expectations for teachers and for students. 

It is the district's goal to provide a research-based curriculum and the tools necessary for every teacher to build students' awareness and confidence in their own abilities to be successful and lifelong learners. Together, we will create an educational community that focuses on empowering all students in their journeys to become successful, motivated learners. 

Education is the foundation of a successful society, and quality, challenging curriculum is the foundation of education. Therefore, all members of the Northwest Local Schools educational community will share in the responsibility of meeting the educational needs of all students.

We look forward to working with parents, staff and community members to best serve the students of Northwest Local Schools.

The NWLSD Curriculum Department oversees the following:

  • PK-12 Curriculum
  • Blended Learning - 21st Century Technology to deliver secondary curriculum for College and Career readiness
  • Preschool - a state regulated program for students 3-5 years of age 
  • CEED - a child care program for kindergarten students
  • ACCESS - the district’s gifted education program
  • Career Technical Education supported by Butler Tech
  • Advanced Placement programming at each high school
  • Federal program compliance and service to public and nonpublic schools
  • Academic enrichment and intervention programming for grades K-12
  • Professional Development for teachers and administrators to improve 
    instruction and ensure student achievement and growth 
  • Alternative school programming - Northwest Passage, Eagles Gate, Middle School Transition Teams, ALP programming – providing intervention services for K-12 students
  • Home Schooling - providing information and assistance
  • Education Management Information System (EMIS)
  • Assessment and Data Management