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Posted on: April 11, 2019
NWHS Diversity Club

2018-2019 was the pilot year for the Northwest High School Diversity Club.  These amazing students have really stepped up to the plate this year. With 50-100 students in attendance at each meeting, they took initiative and developed a “Give Back Campaign” to help pay it forward in our community (under the leadership of students Georgiana Osae, Leslie Aguilar Ramos, Lacey Tuttle, Jasmine Johnson, and Logan Rodenbeck).  

In November, students hosted a fundraiser at Chipotle and raised $103 to donate to the GLSEN center of Cincinnati.  In December, they collected, donated, and delivered 2 truck loads of donated goods to Matthew25Ministries. They also created and sent 77 holiday cards to students who speak other world languages in the home from our feeder elementary schools.  In January they helped staff the child care for our district parenting classes. In February we had many members donate blood in our annual Hoxworth blood drive. In March the students ran a Dine to Donate at Skyline and donated $78 to the YWCA of Cincinnati.  In April the students are planning a fundraiser at Panera to for the Cincinnati Center for Autism.

In addition to giving back, these students have researched and completed activities to celebrate diversity this year.  Some of the activities and multi-cultural groups/holidays we’ve studied are listed below:

  • August:  Created a Mission Statement “To promote diversity, cultural awareness, and give support to students and staff on multicultural issues in school and community. The group takes a stand against prejudice, hatred, and promotes and appreciation and understanding of tolerance of others and education for all.”  Planned give-back campaign

  • September - Students got to know one another and share their person stories.

  • October - Hispanic Heritage Month, Marched proudly in the homecoming parade, National Disability Employment Awareness Month, National Coming Out Day

  • November - Day of the Dead, Native American Heritage Month, Transgender Day of Remembrance

  • December - The spirit of all December Holidays

  • January - Martin Luther King Junior Day

  • February - Black History Month, Decked the halls with quotes from African Americans who have inspired them

  • March -  Women’s History Month, Wrote cards to women staff members who have inspired them, Developmental Disabilities Month

  • April - Celebrate Diversity Month, Autism Awareness Month, LGBTQ Day of Silence

  • May - Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Cinco de Mayo

We look forward to seeing what else the Northwest High School Diversity Club will accomplish for years to come. If you’d like information about any of our activities, please contact sponsors Lindsey Long (llong1@nwlsd.org) and Debbie Fields (dfields@nwlsd.org).