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NWLSD New Schools built with 21stCentury Learning at the head of its design!

Posted on: July 5, 2017

This month, the building contractors are raising steel beams, concrete is being laid, cinder block walls are going up – how exciting to see the skeleton creation of our new buildings!

The physical structures are beginning to take shape and the district is readying the staff for the new 21st century design teaching structure.

21st Century learning is based on the development of skills required to meet demands of an evolving global economy and job market. These skills are often referenced as the 4C’s: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking.

The key to 21st century learning for our students is the application and acknowledgement of the 4C’s combined with the use and incorporation of technology.

The implementation of 21st century learning in the Northwest School District became the framework for the design of the new elementary schools. The acknowledgment of different learning and teaching styles drove the design of the new elementary schools to support differentiated learning, multiple modalities, multidisciplinary teaching, blended learning and problem-based development. With the integration of technology, learning has the potential to happen everywhere within the elementary schools.

The development of a variety of types of spaces is critical to the success of delivering the themes of 21st Century Learning. Our new buildings will offer learning spaces that are bright, open, flexible and collaborative.  Giving the students a choice of learning environments empowers them to take ownership of their instruction.

Our new schools will include areas that will be divided into pods or clusters designed for team-based instruction.   This would include computer stations and several small group rooms for enrichment, support and related activities, clustered around the computer.  The small group rooms will vary in size based on purpose.  Classroom space will also incorporate a traditional environment suited for whole group instruction.  The traditional classrooms will be equipped with state of the art instructional support technology and content specific applications.

Along with Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science, Technology is now the 5th academic core discipline, and this discipline will help improve our students’ mastery of productive applications and skills.  Our new buildings, built with 21st Century learning in mind, will help ensure that our next generation of graduates is ready to help the Northwest Community succeed in a 21st Century environment.

Todd Bowling, Superintendent

Master Facility Plan Update - May 2017