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Uniform Dress Code: Updated 2017

Posted on: July 28, 2017

General Guidelines:

  1. No coats, jackets or hooded sweatshirts should be worn or carried during the school day.

  2. Sling bags (with drawstrings), mesh and see-through book bags are permitted. Purses should not be excessive in size.

  3. No hats, scarves, bandanas, head coverings, or gloves are permitted to be worn.


  1. Pants should be solid navy, khaki or black with no design.

  2. Pants should be Dockers style or dress casual pants.  No denim or leggings are permitted.

  3. Belts must be worn through belt loops. Belt loops may not be cut off pants.

  4. Pants with no belt loops must stay unassisted at the top of the hip or above.

  5. Pants are not to be made of form-fitting materials.

  6. No oversized side pockets or cargo pants/shorts are allowed.

  7. No skirts or dresses are permitted.

  8. Capris and shorts are permitted if they are at least knee length.


  1. All tops must be blue, yellow, white, or gray. No black shirts or tops are permitted.

  2. Polos, crew neck sweatshirts, quarter-zip pullovers and crew neck sweaters are permitted.  

  3. No tank tops, hooded sweatshirts, full-zip jackets or coats are permitted to be worn at any time.

  4. T-shirts and long-sleeved tee shirts that are an approved solid color or are “spirit wear” and have Northwest or Pleasant Run school logos or branding on them are permitted.

  5. Polos must have three buttons or less.

  6. V neck/scoop neck tops must be accompanied by a polo.


  1. Hard soled, closed toed shoes must be worn and remain tied at all times during the school day.

  2. No slippers, sandals, flip flops or Crocs may be worn.

  3. No heels higher than one inch may be worn.


  1. Hair must be a natural color or tone. Natural colored highlights are permitted. Excessive or extreme hair colors and styles are prohibited.


  1. Extreme or excessive piercings are not permitted. Any excessive accessorizing is not permitted.

  2. Spiked/studded jewelry and chains are not permitted whether worn around the neck or the waist. No jewelry that could be dangerous to persons or destructive to school property is permitted.

  3. No decorative dental coverings are permitted.

*** All dress code infractions are at the discretion of the administration.