Northwest High School


The following courses have work to be completed during the summer.  By enrolling in the course you are committing to all assignments, which includes any that are assigned over the summer.  Failure to complete the summer work is not justification to drop the course. Please verify on your schedule which courses you are enrolled in and ensure you have the proper work.  If you have questions please contact Mr. Marshall:  or (513) 742-7105.

Most summer work can be completed by entering the class code at: 


Honors Algebra II (Mangold/Margevicius) - Google Classroom:  wa092s

Honors Pre-Calculus (Wagner) - Google Classroom:  q0q6y60

Honors / CCP Precalculus (Stanley) - Google Classroom:  o7w1t2

Honors / CCP Calculus (Stanley) - Google Classroom:  hu79ubo

AP Statistics (Knull) - Google Classroom: 73t1cz5

AP Calculus (Knull) - Google Classroom:  a8pmaq


AP Biology (Jones) - Google Classroom code:  mxjgkkr

AP/CCP Physics (Boughton) - Google Classroom code:  yv1104w

Honors Physics (Boughton) - Google Classroom code:  twyxs2

AP/CCP Chemistry (Stosur) - Google Classroom code:  tvz3ez. MUST LOG IN BEFORE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

Social Studies:

AP and CCP Government - Click the link.

AP US History/CCP - Click the link.

Honors Government - Click the link.

Honors World History:  Google Classroom code: zeovcmx

AP/CCP European History - Google Classroom code:  kb0kfq


English I Honors (Gilardi): Google Classroom code : shwbzs2

English II Honors (Tuertscher): Google Classroom code : qks9ljm

AP Language and Composition (Caster - Juniors): Google Classroom code : wd5e2lw

AP Literature and Composition (Seniors): Google Classroom code : 7l99ih9

English 4 CCP (Gilliand) - Google Classroom code: g6gfw1e

Foreign Language:

French 4 CCP Assignment- Click the link.

French 4 CCP Answer Document - Click the link.

AP French CCP Assignment - Click the link.

AP French CCP Answer Document - Click the link.

French 3 CCP Assignment - Click the link.

French 3 CCP Answer Document - Click the Link

Spanish IV AP - Google Classroom code:  y167c6


AP Art Studio - Click the link.

Butler Tech:

Financial Services - Click the link.