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Article: Updated Indoor & Outdoor Capacity Limits

Updated Indoor & Outdoor Capacity Limits

NWLSD Staff and Families, 

As of Monday, September 7, 2021 FOUR Covid-19 indicators have been met. Click here to learn more about our Covid Response Plan.

The following four indicators have been met:
  • District Zip Codes (3 Out Of 5)
  • Student Positive Cases
  • CDC level of Community Transmission
  • Student Quarantines

We recognize that our staff, families, PTA and Booster organizations have worked many hours over the past month planning events for our students. We remain thankful for your volunteerism and do not take that work for granted. In consideration of upcoming events and the planning that has already occurred, NWLSD will be phasing in capacity limits for indoor and outdoor activities over the course of the month. Each week we will phase in a new capacity limit, until we reach the intended 25% indoor and 30% outdoor capacity limits. 

We will begin phasing in capacity limits on Monday, September 13, 2021.

  • September 13th - 19th: 75% capacity limits for both indoor and outdoor events 

  • September 20th - 26th: 50% capacity limits for both indoor and outdoor events 

  • September 27th:  25% capacity for indoor events and 30% capacity for outdoor events outside of school hours. 

Additional information regarding sport regulations will be communicated next week. 

High School and Middle School Sporting Event Information is below: 

  • Games that take place prior to Monday, September 13, 2021 can be attended as usual since tickets have already been purchased and disbursed.  

  • Entrance into games on or after Monday, September 13, 2021 will only be permitted with a ticket. All NWLSD staff, students and parents will be required to have a ticket upon entrance into games.  Staff IDs will no longer be accepted for entry into games. 

Masks are required for all inside events.

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