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Article: Watch Our Master Facility Community Forum

Watch Our Master Facility Community Forum

We have received a number of questions regarding our Master Facility Plan and our survey. We understand that everyone was not able to attend our forum, so we are sharing the video of our Master Facility Community Forum with all of our stakeholders. 

NWLSD Master Facility Community Forum Video
The video addresses questions regarding: 
  • Overall Costs to Renovate Each of our Buildings in Order to Reach Mandatory State Standards 
  • Pros and Cons of Each Master Facility Plan 
  • Cost of Each Plan 
  • The Milage Associated with Each Plan
  • Enrollment Numbers
  • Future Facility Phases
Visit us online at Northwest.SHP.com to learn more about each school within our Master Facility Plan. To find information about each specific school, visit Northwest.SHP.com> click on Master Facility> click on Existing Facilities>  then click on each school for information. 
To make it easier, we’ve provided a direct link: NWLSD Existing Facilities
This page provides the following information about each building: 
  • The Age of Each Building
  • Renovation Dates
  • Total Square Footage
  • Current Enrollment/Capacity of Each Building
  • Educational Suitability Rating
  • Renovation Cost Range

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