White Oak Middle School News

Welcome Back

Posted on: August 8, 2017

Dear White Oak Middle School Families,

Welcome to the 2017/2018 school year.  We are all so excited to have you as a part of our Warrior family.  My name is Dustin Gehring and I am the very proud principal of White Oak Middle School.  My hope this year is to build upon the great traditions of success at WOMS and to help your child become an engaged part of the White Oak Middle School learning community with continued growth on their journey towards their high school career.  My vision for this school year is to achieve excellence in student learning, communication, customer service, parental engagement, and state rating.  

I am also excited to welcome Kevin Gale back to White Oak, as the transitioning principal.  Mr. Gale will be in constant communication with the WOMS administrative team throughout the fall with updates to families and Warriors as the transition comes to fruition.  Mr. Gale is currently the principal of Monfort Heights Elementary, but in his earliest days of education, he served as a teacher at White Oak and is returning as principal with full transition around November.  I cannot express truly what a privilege and honor it has been to be trusted with your Warriors for the past five years.  I am excited for my next opportunity as the Assistant Director of Student Services, but the move does not come without some heartache for me.  I take great comfort in knowing that White Oak is in great hands and that I won’t be too far away.

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable and restful summer. During the summer months, we have been working hard to hire a few new staff members here at WOMS, redefining our programing, and preparing the building for another awesome school year.  The big news this year is the air conditioning.  Although the project may not be completed day one, it is certainly close to completion.  We thank the voters, the central office team, our custodial team, and the awesome construction crews that have put time into this project.  I never would have imagined it possible, but it truly is only a few days away!  

The other big news is our transition to a “one-to-one” technology school.  Every Warrior will pick up their chromebook in homeroom for use throughout the day.  The chromebooks will be collected in the afternoon each day to charge for next day usage.  I have spoken with many principals around the city this summer and I can tell you, NWLSD is lightyears ahead of most other districts on this program!  Way to go NWLSD and WOMS!  

As we have in the past, WOMS has many avenues for communication. If you have not heard from WOMS via the One-Call-Now system this summe,r please visit www.nwlsd.org and register so you can stay up-to-date with important WOMS information.  Also, please sign up for our daily announcement email on our district website and check the WOMS site often for up to date information.  This is also a reminder of the MANDATORY student information update required for all of our Warriors.  Please go to the district website (NWLSD.ORG) for more information and THANK YOU to everyone that already has done this important work.

Important Dates:

Schedule Pick Up

August 10, 10 am-12 pm


White Oak Open House(s)

Both Nights include FREE SKYLINE DINNER!!

6th  Grade = August 21, 5:15-7 pm

7th/8th Grade =  August 232, 5:15-7pm

If you cannot make the “Schedule Pick Up” date, schedules will also be available in the main office through August 16.  

On both Open House nights, we will be providing Skyline Cheese Coneys until they run out.  We hope you can join us and meet your child’s teachers.  An Open House Agenda will be posted on the school’s website and emailed to everyone on the WOMS daily email list.  For questions, please contact the White Oak Main Office (741-4300).  

As you are preparing for the school year, please reference the dress code policy and the district Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy available on the school’s website; hard copies are also available in the main office.  Each morning, the White Oak staff will be conducting a dress code check and your child’s compliance will save everyone time and energy. The most common infraction is not having covering for leggings.  Please keep in mind that leggings must be covered to mid-thigh per the district dress code policy.

I hope that our vision for excellence for this building matches your child’s enthusiasm for the new school year.  I am looking forward to meeting them, as well as more of our wonderful supporting families.  I am so proud to have been and be a White Oak Warrior.


Dustin Gehring

WOMS Principal


Dress Code Reminders for 17/18:

1.     Students shall wear appropriate clothing which is not of a disruptive nature:

A.    Clothing shall be clean and not torn.

B.    Clothing must be worn in a manner that does not expose the shoulder, torso, midriff, chest, cleavage, back, buttocks, or undergarments.  Spaghetti Straps, halter tops, mesh, or other see-through materials are not permitted.  Tank tops shall be defined as having at least a 2" width at the shoulders.

C.    No see through material

D.    Shorts may be worn by students in pre-school through grade 12.  Shorts are to be at least mid-thigh length or longer while standing.  Gym shorts or shorts which can be considered revealing are not appropriate.  The dress requirements of certain courses may prohibit the wearing of shorts during specific activities or events.

E.     Skirts must be at least mid-thigh length.  Slits on skirts may not go beyond the mid-thigh.

F.     Skin must be covered with any denim or pants that are ripped/frayed/torn.

G.    Leggings, jeggings, yoga pants, tight sweat pants must be covered front and back with mid-thigh tops.

  • Shorts/Skirts must be mid-thigh or longer in length.

  • Tight fitting garments (leggings, etc.) must be covered with an appropriate garment that is within compliance.

    • For example, leggings must have appropriate length shorts or skirt over them.  

  • Straps on females’ shirts must be at least 2 inches wide on the shoulders.

  • Shirts cannot show any midriff.

  • Any rips or tears in jeans must be conservative in placement and size.

  • Book bags/Sling bags must be kept in student’s locker.

  • Hair color and style cannot create a distraction to the learning environment.

    • A natural color highlight is permissible.  

    • Non-natural colors are not permissible (Blue, Purple, Green, Pink, etc.)