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Taylor Elementary School

Special Area Schedule

Special Area Schedules

Please look below to see what letter your child's classroom has been assigned. Once you have the letter please refer to either the K-3 or 4-5 rotation schedule below. This will tell you what special area class your child has on our 6 day rotation. To see what day we are on in this rotation, please click the calendar to the right.                                   

A- Piatt,  Kartye, Dean, Hammermsmith, Young, Constance
B- Beason, Miller, Cross-Cat Unit, Muddiman, Ponting, Kersting
C-Verkley, Wilson, Long, Sauer, Jackson, D'Ettorre
D- Lykins, Green, Schnell, Isaacs, Collins, Purtee
E- Palmer, Geers, Bischoff, Adelsperger, Georgantonis, Frey
F- Rohe,Gregory, Reenan, Pleasant, Ackermann, Sizemore
        *Becker and Graber split in all rooms