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White Oak Middle School

Athletics Website

Athletics Office Staff

Athletic Director: David Roy [email protected]

Athletic Secretary: Christina King [email protected]

Athletic Secretary: Julie Willett  [email protected]

Athletic Eligibility & Expectations

To be eligible to participate in athletic activities, students must meet all OHSAA athlete eligibility requirements.  Click Here For OHSAA Regulations

To maintain eligibility, students must pass four of their subject area classes as of their last issued report card.

Student conduct at school, during practices, and at games can impact student eligibility. Students with a level 400 behavior infraction are immediately ineligible to participate. 

To participate, students must submit the $100 participation fee via PaySchools before the first game, and have a current physical examination on file.

Final Forms

The Final Forms platform allows the White Oak athletic staff to access key athlete information. It is also a one-stop location for student athletic paperwork including signatures and physical examination documentation. Any students who are interested in trying out for or joining an athletic program should start by enrolling in Final Forms https://www.finalforms.com/ 

If you have questions about the Final Forms enrollment process, contact a member of our athletic office staff. 

Fall Sports Information

8th Grade Football: Update Pending District Approval

7th Grade Football: Mark Knott  [email protected]

Game Schedule: Fall 2024 Game Schedule

8th Grade Girls' Volleyball: Andrew Mangold [email protected]
7th Grade Girls' Volleyball: Earl Bratfish [email protected]

Game Schedule: Fall 2024 Game Schedule

Girls' Golf: Jonathan Coleman  [email protected]

Boys' Golf:  Anthony Fehr [email protected]
Match Schedule:  Fall 2024 Game Schedule

Cheerleading: Morgan Dominguez  
Fall Game Schedule: Fall 2024 Game Schedule

Cross CountryKathleen Albrinck-Draginoff [email protected] 
& Patrick Albrinck  [email protected]

Meet Schedule: Schedule Coming Soon!

Winter Sports Information

8th Grade Boys' Basketball: Ken Merchant [email protected]

7th Grade Boys' Basketball: Robert Cargile [email protected]
Game Schedule: See You In 2024-2025!

8th Grade Girls' Basketball: 
7th Grade Girls' Basketball: Kendall Strader [email protected]
Game Schedule: See You In 2024-2025! 

Blake Wendelken: [email protected]

Logan Jones: [email protected]
Jonathan Starnes: [email protected]

Meet Schedule:  See You In 2024-2025! 

Spring Sports Information

Track & Field:
Darnell Reid: [email protected]

Paul White: [email protected]

QuJuan McGlothin: [email protected]

Uriel Lopez Corpus: [email protected]
Meet Schedule:  24-25 Schedule Pending