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Pleasant Run Elementary School

Arrival/Dismissal Information

PRE Arrival

Students should be in their classroom by 8:05 AM

  1. Students should remain in their car until 7:40 when the doors open.  There is no adult supervision prior to 7:40, so remaining in the car provides the necessary supervision. 
  2. Cars will come down the main drive in a single line, using the Middle School parking lot as a "switchback" and then park in two rows (by the sidewalk and by the median) when they make a right turn in front of the building.  A staff member is there directing traffic, please follow their guidance.
  3. Another staff member is at the top of the parking lot directing rows to move and when to stop.  Students in the outside lane should exit their car, STAY BY THE CAR until the lead traffic director announces it is clear to move.  Students in the lane by the sidewalk may exit the car as soon as it has stopped in its final waiting position in line (leaving no large gaps between cars).

Please note the car arrival line does not begin moving until soon after 7:40.  Once the traffic flow begins the process moves quickly.  There are many days that drop-off is continuing after 8:05.  These students will not be marked tardy until you see the front doors are closed. It normally takes about 2 weeks for the traffic patterns to become a habit for all of our new families and each day the line will move more smoothly than the day before.  It is imperative that all drivers remain off of their phones and have their eyes on the surrounding areas - all of our students and staff must be kept safe!

  1. Students should be at their bus stop ready to enter the bus in a time range of 10-15 minutes before/after their assigned time.
  2. Students on the bus are expected to follow all safety rules: seat on seat, feet in front, back on back while maintaining a whispered talk to their neighbor. Drivers must focus on the road to keep everyone safe so following these expectations is imperative. 
  3. Busses will pull into the cafeteria lot and students will be dismissed from the bus by a staff member.  Students are to enter the building and head straight to their assigned classroom. 
Bus pick-up also takes a week or two to settle into their routine.  We will have new editions to routes as enrollment continues and staffing changes which could delay the routine.  Please be patient and encourage your child to follow the expectations, around being ready on time and behaving on the bus. 

  1. Enter the building at the back of the building (by the Art Room).  Doors will open at 7:40, a staff member will be there until 8:00 to ensure students are able to access the building. 
  2. Students are to walk directly to their classroom.

PRE Dismissal

For the 2023-2024 School Year, we use the same dismissal process as we did last year.  Our process was designed to support student and staff safety and also the community by freeing up traffic blocking Pippin Road for extended time periods.

  • The first cars that arrive should fill the curb lane next to the building.  When that lane is full the next lane to the left (Lane B) should be filled and finally, the third lane in the front driveway should be filled.  This means there are three rows of cars in the front driveway. 
  • After lanes A, B, and C are filled we will begin lining traffic up into the two rows in the parking lot. 
  • The Gate to the Cafeteria Lot will be opened at 2:35 and cars will be directed to line up into 5 rows.
  • Once traffic has stopped parents are asked to get out of their car and approach the curb, staying in the parking lot. 
  • Students will be in groups separated by grade level.  Parents and students will be reunited at the curb and students can be escorted by their parents back to their car.
  • NO CARS SHOULD LEAVE THE LINE until the entire line is dismissed by a staff member. *The lane by the fence will have busses and daycare providers who are consistently moving and we do not want anyone to get hit!
  • Once car lines A, B, and C are cleared of cars they now become BUS ONLY lanes, having two rows of busses.
  • Students who ride buses will be brought down to the bus loading zones by an adult. 
  • Staff will escort students to their bus.  
  • Once all buses are loaded the buses begin dismissing through the gate, then drive along the fence line to exit the parking lot.
  • We ask that all students with siblings or family members look out for one another to make sure a bus does not leave before everyone is loaded. Encourage your student to ask the driver where their sibling/family member is before leaving as an extra level of precaution. 

  • All walkers are called for dismissal first. Students should be prepared to move to the Art Hallway when called.
  • We have two groups of walkers, both have an adult that walks with the group.
    • A group heads towards Wincanton.  The staff member will be sure the students are safely crossing at the stop sign into the short connecting walking path. Staff does not walk to the street, so adults should plan to be on time and/or discuss with their students what they should do if you happen to not be waiting for them or they cannot access their house for one reason or another.
    • A group that heads toward Cranbrook. The staff member will walk students to the crossroad of Pippin and Cranbrook. Students will have support crossing the street.  Staff does not wait with students, please discuss with your child what they should do in the event that you are not waiting for them or if they cannot access your house for one reason or another.

Strong Dismissal Practices

Strong Dismissal Practices By Families
  • Keeping a student's dismissal procedure as consistent as possible helps reduce the possibility of confusion on the part of the student and the staff. 
  • Always communicate changes in writing and to the teacher, [email protected], and [email protected]. Using multiple contacts in your communication reduces the risk that an unexpected absence or availability to check email by one person could cause your message to be missed.
  • Communicate any changes to the office by 1:30.  This allows for time to notify all related parties prior to dismissal occurring.
  • If you are eligible for a bus we encourage you to have your child use the bus.  There are limited parking spots and spaces for dismissal.
  • All changes must be communicated to the building by 1:30. The preferred method is to send in a note first thing in the morning.
  • All notifications must be in writing, delivered by note or fax (513-825-1076), or sent through email. When communicating through email please include:

  • The office will not call students down for dismissal after 2:15. 
  • The office will not answer calls beginning at 2:30 until dismissal is complete.