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Colerain High School

Butler Tech Programs

Butler Tech Programs

Butler Tech programs are designed to develop technical, social, economic, and manipulative skills necessary for employment. Students who are successful in Career Center programs will be qualified for college, for entry-level employment, for pre-professional work training, or for advanced technical training.

The programs at the Colerain Career Center and the Northwest Career Center are open to all students residing in the Northwest Local School District who have achieved junior status. Students go through graduation ceremony at the school where they attended the career program.

Most Career Center programs can accommodate 25 students. If there are more applicants than spaces, students with the best qualifications will be selected for the program. Consideration will be given to students' academic records, attendance records, and the interest and attitude that are demonstrated.

If any student is interested in Career Programs at other Butler Tech facilities, click on the following link to the right to open the program overview.